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Get to know Sisters Forest Products LLC

Established in 1975, we are owned and operated by David A. Elpi, a timber faller based in Sisters, OR. We are primarily a logging company that specializes in fuel-reduction forestry, as well as forest management services on both public and private lands.


We are truly stewards of the land, and our mission is to leave a legacy of healthy future forests for generations to come.

  • Thin small trees

  • Remove infected trees

  • Mow brush

  • Maintain or remove roads

  • Recondition riparian zones

  • Plant trees

  • Develop recreational areas and more

Stewardship forestry services

The forestry industry is changing

Former members of the timber industry are now taking the reins and leading the movement that practices true environmentalism. We are the frontline soldiers who do the hard work of making our unhealthy forests healthy again. We are the one and only answer to the loss of timber currently experienced worldwide.


We devote our energies to preventing wildfires from damaging your home or land and preventing catastrophic insect damage, primarily in the national forest. Tree thinning for forest health and brush control through mastication and fire are the tools used by today's loggers.


The USDA Forest Service, in partnership with many environmental groups and supported by a willing forest products industry, has promoted the best forest management tool - stewardship forestry. This is a simple model, indeed an old model, which allows for the scientific harvest of trees in exchange for services that are needed to maintain these same lands.

We thin, mow, and then we utilize! When we walk away from the national forest at the end of the day, we have provided for future forest health, and we have been paid with a forest product that we sell.


It's cost-effective, carbon-neutral energy. Wood is mankind’s oldest and the most abundant renewable resource.

Paid for with timber dollars

Call for the hours of our on-site wood yard.


FREE delivery of 1 to 4 cords of firewood is available in the Sisters' area. A small mileage fee is applied to outlying areas.

Custom orders are available. We'll cut your firewood to the length you desire, and we can often mix the types of wood!

High-quality firewood

The wood we recover from our steward forestry products has been made available to the public, mostly in the form of firewood. Our wood yard is located at 18155 Hwy 126 East – just a few miles from Sisters. We are open to the public from Monday to Saturday and provide year-round dry firewood to drive-in customers. Everything from kindling to full cords of wood is available.

A variety of woods to choose from

  • Lodgepole pine

  • Ponderosa pine

  • Juniper

  • Douglas fir and other true firs

  • Tamarack

  • Cedar

  • Spruce

  • Hemlock

Place your custom order today

This service is seasonal, and during the peak firewood months of September through December, you'll want to order well in advance of your expected delivery date. Our firewood is clean, split just right, and cut perfectly to length. We have three different firewood processing machines that assure we produce a high-quality, nice-looking product. We work hard at logging your dry firewood, and often have log truck loads for sale as well.

Additional wood products include:

  • Juniper posts

  • Lodgepole pine fence rails

  • Split-cedar fence rails

  • Building logs

  • Accent materials

  • Sawdust

  • Wood mulch

  • Eccentric logs for entry columns