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Protect your property

Our responsible forestry practices can help protect you and your home from dangerous wildfires by removing their fuel source.


This practice creates a buffer zone that could potentially save your life.

Call us to learn more about our fuel-reduction forestry practices.


Eco-friendly forestry services

Today, forestry clearing isn't just about gathering timber for profit, it's about protecting our forests from wildfires, pests, and more. Owner David has been working with county, state, and federal governments for over 40 years to clear forests responsibly while providing a carbon-neutral energy source.

Contact us today to learn how you can reduce the damage caused by wildfires on your property.

Keeping forests healthy

  • Fuel-reduction forestry

  • Tree removal

  • Forest field reduction

  • Protecting against fire

  • Eliminating trees to provide more light and space to other trees in the area